L. C. Mitchell PhotoL. C. Mitchell
Interim Executive Director
(601) 750-6838


It is with profound gratitude that I will give all praise, honor and glory to almighty God for allowing us another opportunity to gather together in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is always good when brethren come together, especially for the cause of Christ. My prayer is that this Ministry will strengthen our unity as Christian Brethren, and that God will get the glory out of our services as we continue to better equip our men for the ministry of Jesus Christ.



L. C. Mitchell
Interim Executive Director
(601) 750-6838

Harry Keeler
General State Secretary
601- 594-4873

Glen Lacey
1st Vice Director
Samuel Walley
Recording Secretary
Ronn Jamison Hill
2nd Vice Director
601- 956-2122
Terry J. Collins
Assistant Director Finances
601- 927-9454
William Franklin
(601) 859-1718
MacArthur McGriggs
President Emeritus
(228) 424-2912