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The mission of the G.M.B.S.C. Young People’s Department is to provide resources to develop mission minded young people and youth leaders in this 21st Century through PODS (Preparation, Organization, Discipline and Structure), which empowers them to engage in mission, education and evangelism, enabling them to fulfill the Great Commission as mandated by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and healing.


The goal of our Young People’s Department is engage youth in dynamic worship, worthwhile fellowship, multiple witnessing opportunities, and responsible work within the General Convention.

Our objectives for accomplishing this goal and mission are:

  • Engage youth leaders in leadership training during the Spring, Fall, and General Session as well as during our annual Youth Leaders Retreat.
  • Engage youth in the study of God’s Word as it relates to the issues and challenges of faith as a maturing youth.
  • Provide opportunities for our youth to showcase their gifts and talents through song, mime, public speaking, debate, drama, drill team, and step ministries.
  • Provide opportunities for our youth to engage in mission and evangelism work.
  • Participate and represent annually in the Southwest Region Youth Conference.
  • Enjoy in the fellowship of youth and our leaders during our annual picnic held on Thursday during the General Session.
  • Equip our high school seniors, college and young adults with the resources and tools to successfully manage the various pathways toward spiritual maturity.
  • Encourage the transition of young adults to become active in the Parent Body and its auxiliaries.


Young People’s Department 2012 Officers

Rev. Arthur A. Sutton, Executive Director
Sis. Johnnie Bruce, Administrative Assistant
Sis. Denise Fox, Regional Coordinator
Sis. Barbara Meeks, Regional Coordinator
Sis. Thelma Donald, Regional Coordinator
Rev. Frank Sutton, Sr., Advisor
Sis. Karolyn Champion, Executive Secretary
Sis. Regina Thomas, Executive Treasurer
Sis. Ollie Galloway, Assistant Treasurer
Sis. Doris Coleman, Registration Coordinator
Sis. Rosie Adams, Assistant Registration Coordinator
Rev. Jeffery Stafford, Educational Director
Stephan Johnson, Music Ministry
Ruth Johnson, Publicity / T/Shirt

GMBSCM Youth Choir

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