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Rev. Dr. Jesse Horton, Sr.

Rev. Dr. Jesse Horton, Sr.

Vice-President At Large

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Jackson, MS

Rev. Horton will serve largely in the capacities of advisor, ambassador and chief strategist as to ensure the alignment and full engagement of convention auxiliaries. He will be a voting member of the board of directors and will, at the President’s discretion, be deployed to assist in solving problems or resolving conflicts within the convention, its auxiliaries and its constituent members. Horton will also work closely with the President and the four Vice-Presidents to ensure the full implementation of missions, programs, and the establishment of all necessary institutions to fulfill the convention’s mission and bolster its profile. Because the VP At-Large is not a constitutional position, it will not hold a place in the line of succession to the presidency. However, it will retain all of the respect, honor and privileges associated with Vice-Presidential appointments. Rev. Horton will serve solely at the pleasure and discretion of the President.

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