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Core Values

The General Missionary Baptist State Convention will conduct its ministries in accordance with these principles:

  • Character - We will conduct Convention business in accordance with Biblical principles and precepts and will endeavor to be consistent both in conversation and conduct.

  • Cooperation - We will foster an atmosphere of teamwork and conduct all of our affairs in a manner that will help to generate unity of purpose and practice between our local, state and national denominational missions and ministries.

  • Compassion - As a Convention, God’s redemptive love will govern and guide our attitude and our actions, as we engage in ministries of caring, sharing and supporting.

  • Commitment - We believe that the true measure of commitment is conduct. Therefore, we will endeavor to match our assertions with actions, our propositions with practice, and our conversations with our conduct.

  • Competence - We shall seek to improve our capacity for excellence by being intentional in our training, our teaching and the growth and development of our professional skills.

  • Constraint - We shall perform our work in a manner that is consistent with the need to be accountable not only to our constituents but ultimately to Christ.

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