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Official Statement from the President-Elect

With overflowing gratitude, let me take a moment to say thank you to all who have congratulated and encouraged me over the last two days. Although the election itself only took a few hours on Tuesday, the campaign extended across several exhausting years. Yet, as always during this journey, your prayerful support demonstrated God’s great faithfulness to us! I am especially humbled by the pastors and churches who publicly stood with us during this campaign. Your vocal and visible support gave me inner resolve to keep pressing forward. Thanks be unto God for you!

I also want to thank President Isaic Jackson, Jr. for his tireless commitment to GMBSC over these past eleven years. Dr. Jackson has fiercely defended the history and the destiny of our convention with bold initiatives of preservation and restoration that will help to secure our legacy for future generations. When the history is recorded, Dr. Jackson’s impact on the convention will be certain as a guiding force who helped to fortify our foundation for future growth.

Furthermore, let me thank my Congress team who taught me deeper meanings of servant leadership as together we made our Christian education offerings a pattern for state congresses around the nation. I am better because of you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t again salute Pastor and Sis. Jesse Horton for the gracious way they embraced my wife and me throughout the election. Elections can be fierce and tense, but that has not characterized this election in large part due to them. They have always been a couple whom we respect and honor for their visible commitment to Christ, the convention and one another. In the spirit of unity, I look forward to building an administrative team that represents our shared interests, commitments and values.

As we begin to turn the page from campaign mode to administration, I am thankful that God has given our beloved convention so many gifts in so many people across the state. Together, we will use our differing gifts to strengthen local churches, resource convention pastors, and enrich the communities we serve. Together, we will move GMBSC to a new level of Christian evangelism and cultural engagement that will answer the question of convention relevancy in this present age. Together, we will build out and implement the CROSS agenda, which will reach the masses and advance the cause of GMBSC of MS in impactful ways throughout our state by extending our missional reach and expanding our denominational footprint. As this work now begins, I ask that you pray for the Holy Spirit to grant unto us the insight, direction and the revelation needed as we seek to glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

In God’s Service and Yours,

Reginald M. Buckley



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