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Booked In But Not Blocked Out

“BBNB” is a collective effort to illuminate the fact that a qualified elector who is otherwise eligible to vote does not lose the right to vote because he or she is being detained.

O’Brien v. Skinner, 414 U.S. 524, 529 (1974).

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Booked In But Not Blocked Out Pamphlet
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Hinds County Mississippi Detention facilities hold an average of 700 human beings per day who are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The number of days that any one person is detained pending resolution of their criminal case is on average 300 days. Many persons charged (some with non-violent offenses) have been held for years awaiting trial. This scenario is repeated throughout the State of Mississippi. The Secretary of State Office’s website shows that elections in the State of Mississippi are held every year in some capacity. BBNB seeks to honor and preserve the right to vote for detained persons, despite their physical location on Election Day.

“BOOKED IN BUT NOT BLOCKED OUT” takes a varied strategy to protect this sacred right, namely through voter education, voter registration, and voter participation within the Detention facilities and in the community at large. NO VOTER EDUCATION, NO VOTER REGISTRATION, AND NO ACCESS TO VOTING IS A DENIAL OF THE RIGHT TO VOTE. Unless there has been a conviction of certain felonies, the right to vote is not lost.

Being booked does not block your voice. Exercise your right to vote!

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