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Helping Students Shine Their Light to the World Around Them

The Young People's Department will assemble at:

Tougaloo College

500 West County Line Road

Tougaloo, MS 39174

GMBSC YPD will host its annual Summer Convention on July 18 - 21. Our goal is to Help Students Shine Their Light to the World Around Them through age appropriate programming. These programs are designed to meet each student where they are, mentor them through God’s word, and mobilize them to make a difference in the world around them.

GMBSC YPD Kids Blitz
GMBSC YPD Silent Party
GMBSC YPD GlowUp Party

Ready, Set, Glow! is our morning large group kick off with all age groups to intentionally ignite them for the day ahead. This time will consist of worship, devotion, & games.

Glow Groups are classes that are broken down by grade and gender to allow our leaders an opportunity to teach students in a small group setting.

Glow Out gives students an opportunity to shine by participating in mission tasks.

Glow Sessions are extracurricular & enrichment activities that will develop teens.

Glow Games provide an energetic setting for students to enjoy themselves through games and music. Each game will have a practical message and ultimately challenge students to think about growing in their glow.

Glow UP is a full worship service with a speaker & guest artists.

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