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March 12 - 15, 2022
Canton, Mississippi

Priestley Chapel M. B. Church
177 Virlilia Rd
Canton, MS 39046
Dr. Robert McCallum, Pastor

General Session Registration

Pastors' and Ministers' Conference Registration Only

Parts of this conference will be available for virtual viewing.

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The challenge is great, but our God is greater!

Let’s get ready to [Re]Engage!

The christian church faces a difficult challenge and yet an amazing opportunity.  As culture continues to shift creating new sensibilities, expectations and social norms, the church must learn how to evangelize in a post-christian culture and disciple believers in post-covid contexts.  We must re-engage.

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[Re]Engage is the theme for our Spring 2022 session because after an extended period of social-distancing, we must seriously consider how the landscape and worldviews around us have changed and are changing.  We must consider how our congregants and our communities have changed.  The reality is that as we begin to come together and repopulate our church buildings, you will re-engage people who are less interested in building-dependent ministry and more responsive to multiple platforms of connectivity.  You will re-engage people who are less impressed with wordy explanations and biblical facts and more interested in relevant social actions of the church and having spiritual encounters and life-changing moments with God. You will re-engage people who have discovered different preachers and now participate in ministries that they might prefer to yours. You will re-engage families who have had the convenience of gathering for worship over bacon, biscuits and bagels. 

As a convention, we want to help you and your church get ready to re-engage by identifying the necessary pivot points and sharing some ideas that consider the post-christian and post-covid contexts. We certainly believe that the fields are still white for the harvest. But you may need to re-tool your church so that those who lead and participate in evangelism and discipleship truly understand the post-christian mindset and post-covid sensibilities, learn the language, appreciate the spaces of engagement, and thereby discover the entryways to authentically share Christ and disciple believers.  Let's get ready to [Re]Engage.


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