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Spring 2022 Session: [Re]Engage!

Dear Pastor and Auxiliary Leaders: Peace and Grace be unto you. I am in continual prayer for you and your church community as we traverse these challenging times. For now, we are busily planning to meet in-person during our spring session and wanted to share with you what we hope to experience together. We pray that you will find our efforts thoughtful and thorough in planning for a safe and sanctifying experience.

The spring session will be held at the Priestley Chapel M. B. Church located at 177 Virilia Road Canton, MS 39046.Dr. Robert McCallum will serve as the host pastor. The spring session will again be a pastors only in-person gathering on March 13-15 and will follow the same abbreviated 1 ½ day format as was implemented in Hattiesburgduring the fall session.

We are also excited to announce that Rev. Dr. Robert C. Scott of the St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC will serve as the lecturer/preacher of the Pastors’ and Ministers’ Conference on Monday Dr. Scott will lecture on Monday morning on the topic “Adaptive Evangelism: All Things/All People”. After a rotation of three afternoon breakout sessions, we will hear the dynamic preaching of Dr. Scott during the evening worship service which will be open to the public. We will conduct all convention business on Tuesday and conclude the session with a mid-morning service. Blocks of rooms are available at three (3) different hotels in Canton and Madison. You may use this enclosed list to secure your reservations at the GMBSC room rate. Church registration, conference registration and other officer fees may be completed either online or by mailing forms and fees to the convention headquarters at 3160 J. R.Lynch Street Jackson, MS 39209. As we navigate new normals, our obligation to you is to meet as safely as possible by having a framework of protocols in place to help mitigate the transmission of Covid-19. To this end, we are asking that all attendees will have been completely vaccinated and preferably will have received the booster at least 2 weeks before the meeting date. We will observe mask-wearing and ask that while indoors masks completely cover your mouth and nose. Lastly, we will practice social-distancing as much as possible, have a sufficient number of hand sanitizer

stations clearly identified and will observe any new recommendations of either the Mississippi Department of Healthor the CDC.

We certainly look forward to seeing you in Canton. Until then, let us remain prayerfully informed and spiritually guided that we might be proven faithful to the ministries over which God has given us charge.

In His Service and Yours,

Reginald M. Buckley



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