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Convention Newsletter

Excitement Abounds as Buckley takes the Helm as President

After a year of cancellations due to the coronavirus, the General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi convened its annual session on July 20-22, 2021, at the Hilton-Jackson, Jackson MS.

Delegates from across the state came with excitement and anticipation to elect a new president to lead the historic body of the General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi (GMBSC). When the final tally was reported, Rev. Reginald M. Buckley, pastor of Cade Chapel Missionary Baptist Church of Jackson, MS emerged as the president.

Buckley’s platform, the CROSS agenda, has resonated well with convention constitutes. Many are excited and believe that a new day is dawning for the convention. The CROSS is an acronym for Creative Relevant Organized Strategic Spirit-Led.


President Announces Cabinet as Board Adopts New Policies and Commissions

“A team of inclusion, ingenuity and integrity.” These are the terms President-Elect Reginald M. Buckley used as he opened the first joint meeting of the GMBSC on August 18, 2021.

The Cabinet and Board of Directors announced by President Buckley reflects inclusion, ingenuity and integrity. The team members are:

  • Melvin White (1st Vice-President)

  • Rev. Thomas Morris (2nd Vice-President)

  • Rev. C.J. Rhodes (3rd Vice-President)

  • Rev. John Whitfield (4th Vice-President)

  • Rev. S.L. Blake (Chairman of the Board of Directors)

  • Rev. Jesse Horton (Vice-President At Large)

Cabinet appointments may be viewed at

During the meeting the Board adopted policies related to finance and operations. The Board also approved the establishment of a method of on-line giving called Stripe that will allow constituent churches and individuals members to give in a more efficient manner to the work of the convention.

Commissions approved by the Board:

  • COVID Response Commission

  • Family and Young Professionals Division

  • Baptist Institute of Faith and Heath

  • Division of Chaplaincy

  • Sesquicentennial Commission

Additional information regarding the new commissions will be shared during the Fall Session.


GMBSC responds with Disaster Relief and Recovery/Board Endorses Alternative Format for Fall Session

Even as the fierce winds and rains of Hurricane Ida was approaching the Mississippi and Louisiana coast, the GMBSC was preparing to launch efforts to assist those who might be adversely affected by the storm.

A Zoom Prayer Call and Storm Update allowed an assessment to be made on the best method to assist victims of the storm. The plan was to offer short term immediate relief and long term recovery.

Home Mission Secretary, Rev. Willie Tobias, coordinated with area churches to begin collecting needed items.

During the board meeting convened on September 14, 2001, Secretary Tobias reported the following efforts:

  • Establishment of Emergency Preparedness Plan Policy and Procedures

  • Identification of four (4) regions and coordinators to facilitate efforts:

    • Central Region - Willie Tobias

    • Coastal Region - John Whitfield

    • Delta Region - Robert Kimble and Melvin Montgomery

    • River Region - Melvin White

Tobias also shared that supplies of food, water and other items had been taken to various areas in Houma, Baton Rouge and Mt. Airy, Louisiana. Future dates have already been proposed for additional deliveries.

President Buckley encouraged continued support of this work of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.

The Board also endorsed an alternative format for the upcoming Fall and Spring Session of the Convention. Details will be shared at the September 22, cabinet meeting.


Cabinet Meets for day of Orientation and Training

The Administrative Cabinet of the GMBSC held its first in-person Orientation and Training session at Cade Chapel M.B. Church in Jackson, MS on September 22, 2021.

President Buckley addressed the attendees with a ‘state of the convention’ update that emphasized the strengths, challenges and opportunities of the convention. He assessed the convention as “being stable, yet moving toward being strong”.

Noted strengths highlighted was the conventions historical standing in the state and political influence within the convention; institutional presence with Jackson State, Natchez College and the MS Baptist Seminary all having deep roots in the convention also the ownership of property in Natchez, Jackson and Brookhaven. President Buckley acknowledged and addressed the present challenges of the convention, yet he was very optimistic of the conventions future and was encouraged by the consistent feedback and commitments communicated to him through the chorus of amens that resonated throughout the meeting

One response of note that brought a thunderous applause was when Vice-President-at-Large, Dr. Jesse Horton stated, “ I can see it, Mr. President, it’s been a long time since I said it, but I can see it!”

In true Missionary Baptist form, the day ended on a high spiritual note as Convention Devotion Leader Rev. Jonathan Phillips led attendees in praise and worship with Chaplain Rev. Antione Barlow and Board Chairman, Dr. S. L. Blake offering words of encouragement and prayer respectively.

President Buckley reminded the group that being Spirit-led is not just a component of the CROSS Agenda but it is indeed who we are as Christian Missionary Baptist.

It was a very successful meeting to the start of what promises to be a very exciting and victorious year for the GMBSC of MS, Inc.

Reminder: Board Meeting set for October 15, 2021


Are You Ready for The Fall Session?

The fall session of the GMBSC will convene with the West Point Church in Hattiesburg, MS, on November 15-16, 2021. Rev. Marcus T. Cathey will serve as host pastor.

The session will follow a one day and a half agenda that will include a hybrid format for delegates to access meetings and on-line classes. Ministers will be the only in person attendees. One highlight of the minister’s seminar is a session with Dr. Fredrick D. Haynes, III, Pastor of Friendship-West Church, Dallas TX.

Registration and schedule for the session is available on the GMBSC website.


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