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Executive Board Readies For Fall Session/ Molina Healthcare Partners With GMBSC

As the Fall Session of the GMBSC draws near, excitement continues to grow as the Board held its October meeting for final preparation and planning.

Nominations for new Board members were received and will be acted upon during the Fall Session. Board members may be recommended by their District Moderator. Board Member fees are $200 per session.

Two working committees were approved by the Board, namely, Time and Place Committee and Committee on Resolutions and Public Statements. These committees will craft guidelines for hosting sessions and preparing position statements on behalf of the convention, respectively. Appointments to these committees will be forthcoming.

GMBSC Welcomes Molina Healthcare

Efforts to form relationships with the business sector of the State moved one step closer as Molina Healthcare committed to be a Corporate Sponsor of GMBSC's Fall Session. Molina Healthcare will also provide vaccinations and health information during the Session, November 15-16 at the Westpoint Church, Hattiesburg, MS.

Welcome Molina Healthcare to GMBSC Family!


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