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Because ours seems to be a world of likes, shares, tags, and follows, it is easy to become distracted and even driven by the analytics of social media. Views and shares can become intoxicating to the extent that we begin following the data and catering to the clicks. It is also easy to be drawn by our own fleshly desires to be accepted by our peers and celebrated among family and friends, thereby causing us to follow the trends and norms of the day. But as disciples, we are called to faithfully follow Jesus.


Following Jesus means looking to Him for affirmation so that our ministries are in step with Him and our hearts are content in Him. Following Jesus means looking to Him for inspiration so that our visions are not our own but are distinctively His and divinely given. Following Jesus means looking to Him for confirmation so that our mission is in alignment with the Great Commission and our churches embody all that He commanded.


Jesus taught the disciples that there are costs involved in following him. The costs of convenience (John 4:4), comfort (Matthew 8:20), and company (Mark 10:29-31). Yet, he invites us to take incredible journeys with him into the unknown, unfamiliar and unexpected with a sure hope that he will not lead us astray.


The world needs now more than ever Jesus followers who are desperate to share the gospel in word and deed. General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi churches are committed to walking with the Master into what is sometimes unknown or even uncertain as vibrant representations of God’s radical love. As we follow our Lord, our convention will serve humanity with compassion, make disciples with deliberation, and embrace authentic movements of the Holy Spirit with open hearts.




Join us for our upcoming sessions:


"Loving In His Footsteps"

For Parent Body and Congress of Christian Education

July 22-25, 2024

Jackson, MS


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