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What does the local church get from being a member of GMBSC?

This question is often asked by many who question the real value of the local church’s association with the convention. Answering this question must first take into account that the purpose of the convention is to establish a collective work and witness of Baptist churches across Mississippi. Together, we advance the ministry of Christ and the mission of the Kingdom through a dynamic denominational enterprise of missionary activities of evangelism, charity, and advocacy. As such, we do together with significantly greater reach, impact, and scale than no single church could do alone. While this is perhaps the greatest reward of being associated with the convention, we also believe that there should in turn be some tangible benefits that impact the life and ministry of the local churches that comprise the convention. Here are just a few of the things that we are busily establishing that will serve those churches that serve through GMBSC.



Benefits of GMBSC

1. Access to technology assistance

Many churches have struggled during the pandemic due to a lack of technological resources or tech know-how. As a member of GMBSC, you will have access to a team of technical assistants who can help you build the appropriate technological infrastructure and/or train individuals at your church in the use of the tech that best serves your congregation.

2. Access to shared resources

One of the benefits of being in GMBSC is the wealth of knowledge held among constituent members. GMBSC believes in equipping its member churches with the best of relevant and ready-to-use resources that will strengthen the work and witness of the local church. Through a cooperative sharing feature, the GMBSC website will archive resources, documents, curriculums, and vendor contacts shared by GMBSC churches, making them available to pastors and church leaders.

3. Discounts on goods and services

Membership in GMBSC will give your local church special discounts on services and goods provided by convention partners. These discounts will assist churches in services like HVAC, plumbing, roofing, contractors, electricians, tech assistance, and goods such as insurance, software, leased equipment, and church supplies.

4. Priority registration and accommodations for national meetings

We want to help our churches when planning to attend meetings of our National Baptist Convention. As a member of GMBSC, you will have office staff dedicated to working on your behalf to secure the best housing options for you and your delegates and to assist you in matters of registration. Working directly with you and NBCUSA staff, GMBSC offices will help you connect, register, and make the needed reservations so you can have the best convention experience possible.

5. Legal Consultation

From time to time, situations develop that require legal consultation. We are working to establish a network of legal experts who will provide up to 60 minutes of free legal consultation regarding church matters. While some matters may need formal legal representation, others might be resolved with just a little legal know-how. Whichever the case, as a GMBSC member, your church will receive 1 hour of free consultation annually regarding any legal matters concerning your church.

6. Social Services Advocacy

Sometimes navigating the social services sector can be a challenge. Whether it involves Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, or other human services, wouldn’t it be good to know that you have someone who’s working through the bureaucratic red tape on your behalf? That’s what the Social Services Advocacy Hotline will provide - someone to help you navigate the social services systems.

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