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GMBSC/HBCU Scholarship Fund

GMBSC has a special connection to the HBCU educational experience, having founded Natchez Seminary in 1877 - which later became Jackson State University. GMBSC also founded Natchez College in 1884, which operated as a junior college for African Americans until the late 1980s. We know well the value of a strong education and are committed to ensuring that students are allowed to advance themselves and secure their futures.

As a supporter of historically black colleges and universities, GMBSC is establishing the HBCU/GMBSC Scholarship which will be awarded to graduating seniors annually who will attend an HBCU.  A student will be selected from each of the four regions of GMBSC to receive the scholarship based on academic potential, church involvement, community service, and evidence of need. HBCU alumni account for roughly 80 percent of black judges, 75 percent of black doctors, 50 percent of black lawyers, and 25 percent of black undergraduates who earn degrees in STEM. 

Your sponsorship of the HBCU/GMBSC scholarship will help to continue a legacy of excellence and advancement through education.

The challenge is for 100 supporters to donate $50.00 toward this scholarship fund. Give today!

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