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Top 5 RoundUp - February 2022

Every month, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples and grow a healthy church. Many of these resources are meant to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state. Check out February's roundup of resources!


1. African American History & Devotions: Readings and Activities for Individuals, Families, and Communities

by Teresa L. Fry Brown


2. Redemption - The John M. Perkins Story

This 21-minute documentary lets you hear Dr. John Perkins, in his own words, describe a journey from racial hatred to redemptive love. He is a Mississippi treasure and his witness for the Kingdom is global.


3. While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement

Carolyn Maull, 14, was just a few feet away from the Klan-planted bomb in the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, that killed four of her friends in the girls restroom she had just exited. A poignant and gripping eyewitness account of life in the Jim Crow South from the bombings, to the riots and assassinations and historic marches and triumphs that characterized the Civil Rights Movement.


4. Deeper Still

Deeper Still chronicles the struggles of post-Reconstruction Black Baptists in Mississippi and the important “learning and burning” reforms offered by Charles Price Jones’s emphasis on Holy Spirit empowerment for transformative ministry. Jones, fifth pastor of Jackson’s Mt Helm Baptist Church, led a revival that gave birth to the Church of God in Christ and undeniably influences many of the debates about Baptist ministry today.


5. History Is Lunch: Christopher Hunter, “African American Church Houses of Mississippi, 1800–1920s”

Ever wondered about our church buildings, how and where they were built, the architectural influences, and the uniqueness of the spaces where black Christians gather for worship?

Christopher Hunter explores Mississippi church buildings in this History is Lunch presentation, documenting the African and European influences of black churches, chapels, and worship spaces on HBCU campuses.

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