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Top 5 RoundUp - January 2022

Every month, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples and grow a healthy church. Many of these resources are meant to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state. Check out January's roundup of resources!


1. Did you miss the Pastors All-Call in November? For this month only, we are sharing the un-posted lecture given by Dr. Frederick Haynes during the minister’s conference. Watch Here


This practical resource equips church leaders with key insights to effectively attract and make disciples of this emerging generation of Black millennials. Drawing on the biblical narrative of Matthew 14, where Jesus invites Peter to come meet him on the water and supported by the research results from a nationwide study of young Black adults and real-life examples, Mitchell reveals specific principles, programming, and portraits of Black millennials that will help churches to engage, connect, and spiritually grow and develop them.


Big churches get all the love. Articles, books, conferences—they mostly feature leaders of large congregations. Yet big churches are but a small part of the ecclesial landscape. In fact, more than 90 percent of churches have fewer than 200 people. That means small churches play the largest part in what God is doing. Small Church Essentials is for leaders of these smaller congregations. It encourages them to steward their role well, debunking myths about small churches while offering principles for leading a dynamic, healthy small church.


At long last, here is the reissue of the classic book, God In The Ghetto by the late, great William Augustus Jones, Jr. With eerily striking resonance to present day affairs, the new edition includes Jones’ seminal analysis of systemic racism, the integral role of the church in birthing and perpetuating it, and the Black church’s response. Edited by Jennifer Jones Austin, Jones’ daughter, the book includes several never-before published sermons of the preachinggiant, and features a foreword by Michael Eric Dyson, an afterword by Michael A. Walrond, and essays from notable leaders including William J. Barber, James A. Forbes, Frederick D. Haynes, Claybon J. Lea, Marvin A. McMickle, Otis Moss III, J. Alfred Smith Sr., Al Sharpton, Jacqueline Thompson, and Aundreia Alexander.


5. Stories, anecdotes, and preaching/pastoral nuggets abound in this interview by Dr. Frank Thomas of one of this generation’s homiletical giants, Dr. Charles Booth. Watch Here


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