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Top 5 RoundUp - October 2021

Every month, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples and grow a healthy church. Many of these resources are meant to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state.Check out October’s roundup of resources!


SSPB, Conference, NBCUSA

1. The SSPB 43rd Annual Conference. This conference is one of the premier conferences of the NBCUSA and should be on every Christian educator’s calendar to attend. This three-day conference is filled with a dynamic range of plenary speakers, class and seminar leaders, workshop presentations, and worship experiences.

2. The Church Online Platform is a free service for churches needing to get a digital minstry established. Many of the features are ready-to-go. If you have a camera and stable internet, liverstreaming, to multiple platforms, giving, and engaging your audience is easily done with Church Online.



3. Need quick and professional looking graphics, but don’t have the budget for a graphic designer? Canva may be what you’re looking for. WIth premade templates, you’ll be designing your own materials in no time.


4. Moving the Masses. In this book, Reginald W. Williams, Jr. methodically lays out a definition of prophetic preaching. He selects a limited number of preaching practitioners whose written work examines what is prophetic preaching. Williams compliments his discussion on prophetic preaching with various methods of delivery. He illustrates the preaching methods with vivid examples and explanations that bring life to the listener, reader, and doer of God’s Word. Read and discover the 3 M’s of Prophetic Preaching and how you can add power to your preaching and engage people to make a difference through God’s Word.


preaching, church

5. Preaching While Bleeding - Pastor Emeritus H. Beecher Hicks of the Metropolitan Baptist Church of Washington DC contends that African-American preaching must always be relevant to one’s social condition and always available to speak truth to power. It is the only Word that can lift us from the “Underground” to “Higher Ground.” Upon this ground, the whole of Preaching While Bleeding stands.

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