Pastoral Mentorship
and Formation Program

One of the benefits of being a part of GMBSC is the wealth of knowledge held among constituent members. GMBSC believes in equipping its member churches and leaders with the best of relevant and ready-to-use resources that will strengthen pastors and ministers for the work and witness of the local church. 


The Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program is uniquely designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of participating pastors and ministers as they seek to fulfill their calling.

GMBSC Pastoral Mentorship Brochure

What is Pastoral Formation all about?

The General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program aims to assist pastors and ministers in having suitable confidence and a baseline of necessary skills for pastoral ministry through a coordinated program that provides practical experience, theological reflection, and participative learning opportunities. Guided by experienced seminarians, administrative specialists and convention pastors, students in the Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program will be exposed to best practices, polity, and processes for successful ministry specifically in the Baptist church setting.



  1. To enable pastors and ministers to gain personal confidence, growth in leadership and make progress in maintaining the qualities and virtues necessary to lead a community of God’s people.

  2. To create intentional opportunities for inter-generational and spiritual mentoring and accompaniment to allow young ministers to glean from the wisdom and faith journey of mature spiritual leaders.

  3. To enable pastors and ministers to enhance pastoral skills through observation, mentorship, study and engagement.

How does the Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program work?

Students will participate in a series of seven weekend-intensives over the course of seven months. The monthly intensives will begin on Friday from 6pm - 8pm, and resume on Saturday from 8am - 3pm. Each instructor will have his/her own reading assignments, course packet, and classwork to be done in-between intensive meetings.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will receive the GMBSC Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program certificate, which will serve as an indicator to Baptist churches in Mississippi that certain assignments and baseline materials for ministry have been mastered by that student. Successful completion of the Pastoral Mentorship and Formation Program will also result in earning three credit hours of study at the Mississippi Baptist Seminary.


Some topics of the program will include:

  • Baptist Doctrine and Polity

  • Church Administration

  • Ministry Ethics and Pulpit Etiquette

  • Power Struggle and Church Conflict

  • Leading and Preaching through Change

  • Ministering to the Grieving

  • Pastoral Holiness and Wholeness

  • The Pastor and his Family

During the course of study, a ministry mentor will be assigned to young ministers and/or new pastors in order to engage the student through reflective questions, specific conversations, and personal prayer.

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